urban landscapes

what is it?

Urban landscapes may concentrate on detail or look at a broader view.

Above: front garden of house, London, 1998

Below: Office development, Crossways, Dartford, 2001

All pictures © Peter Marshall


Is this an urban landscape? Probably not, but if it was a part of a study on city transport, perhaps.

Putting images into boxes has never been my favourite pastime, but here are some of my thoughts:

Urban landscape photography

Urban landscape may be in black and white or colour, subminiature camera or large format, using any process, although this site will restrict itself to still photography. Urban landscape is distinct from 'street photography', which looks at urban experience largely through a study of the people who live it, although the two genres may overlap. Urban landscape photographs often include people, but they are cleary situated and existing in the structures of the town or city.

Peter Marshall, 2003