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John Davies:



john davies


Metropoli Project

At the beginning of 2000 I started an ambitious project to investigate and photograph Britain's major post-industrial cities.
My aim has been to document the multi-layered character of metropolitan areas and to produce a coherent series of images which reflect the positive achievements and realities within our continually changing urban space. I have tried to remain objective in this documentary work but a theme that has became increasingly important is to question as well as celebrate our collective responsibility in shaping the environments in which we live.





This project by John Davies covered the cities of Belfast, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Swansea and Tyneside in 2000-2003.

Davies began to photograph the UK urban landscape in 1981, publishing his 'A Green & Pleasant Land' which examined the changing post-industrial landscape in 1986. From the mid 80's he also worked on urban projects in Western Europe. Publications from these include 'Cross Currents', (1992 ), 'Temps et Paysage', (2000), 'Le retour de la nature', (2001) and 'Seine Valley', (2002).

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